A True "People Pit Bull"

A True "People Pit Bull"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Foster Dog

Hello, I am writing to you from the
home of my new foster family.
They look kind of silly I know, but they really are very nice. After all, they are sharing their home with me!

They are: Mrs. Lady, Mr. Man, Pinky Deluxe and Tiny-Human (or "Ace"). We have been having quite a time here together and I am really enjoying the chance to live in a real house and play in a real yard.

It makes me really excited to think that maybe someday I will have my own people who will love me as much as these people love Pinky.

Here's me and Miss Pinky playing with Tiny-Human.


  1. Arnie what a beautiful soul, iam so happy you found such a awesome foster family to love you till you find your forever home:) If i didnt live in Ontario me and my gal Miss Misfit would take you in a second!

  2. i love arnie; however, i can't have a dog. he seems super-great. blue sunshine is bound to be foreverhome-loved soon. ontario is not as far away as "can't have /afford care for" : ( dog.

  3. Nice to meet you Arnie! Your foster parents sure have nice sleeves. You should probably take advantage of this time and get inked up before you find your furever home.