A True "People Pit Bull"

A True "People Pit Bull"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm here to apply for the position of House-Dog!

Oh, Hello! It's so nice to see you again. How have you been?

I've been very well, thank you so much for asking!

Life here at the House of Pinky is very nice.
I have been learning so much about what Miss Pinky and Mrs. Lady call "the finer points of being an exemplary House-Dog."

A big part of that is calmly hanging out by myself with a chew toy or just snoozing in a sunny spot.

Another important part of being a "House-Dog" is playing gently or just hanging with the family and enjoying "snuggle-time." Mrs. Lady says I am an excellent snuggler!

It is also important to be gentle and patient while playing with "Tiny-Human."
Sharing toys with him is no problem for me and I like it when he shares his treats with me too!
I think being a "House-Dog" sounds like a very important job and also like a lot of fun! Pinky says it's definitely the best job she's ever had!
I sure hope that soon I will have the sought-after position of "House-Dog" with some humans of my own.


  1. Hi Arnie. It sounds like you are doing a fine job as a House Dog. I like your buggy eye picture in the beginning.

  2. Hey Arnie, guess wut? My name is Snuggles on accounta I'm such a eggsellent snuggler, too! Neat, huh?

  3. trying really really hard not to fall desperately in love with this dog...my house princess would sooooooo disapprove.